Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Game of No

Game 1. My first impulse is critical. Critical of myself and others.

Game 2. My first impulsive is loving, supportive of myself and others.

Game 3. I can play both games, and see what happens. One is infinitely more rewarding.

Game 4. And in doing so, recreate the John Lennon Yoko Ono "YES" ladder love-at-first-sight experience. ...Find your John Lennon, Find your Yoko Ono.

More Games, Less Games

Game 1. Remember the game blog, and play again. Think of the 2%-by-decade decline in mental facility that occurs in your twenties and thirties, and say good riddance.

Game 2. Call in sick for work. Dream about how much you love work, wrapped in a blanket.

Game 3. Browse through the muslim conservative blog and consider posting a link on my facebook. But don't you dare do that, cause what if I don't believe it.

Game 4. Consider making this blog public. Who will play these games? These games are my liiifffeeeee

Game 5. Try to beatbox, or at least think about it.

Game 6. Browse through Stuff White People Like because I remember reading how white people love children's games as adults and I always think about this with my game-playing white and non-white friends. Yes, yes I do like those things that white people like... From the LA Times...

"By "white people," Lander doesn't actually mean the more than 221 million Americans who check that box on the decennial census. But that's part of the fun. Lander is doing to whites what scores of journalists and politicians do to non-white minorities every day, "essentializing" complex identities -- that is, stripping away all variety and reducing them to their presumed authentic essences.

One irony-deficient reader complained that the blog was less about white people than it was about yuppies. And without knowing it, she was cutting to the heart of the joke. Lander is gently making fun of the many progressive, educated, upper-middle-class whites who think they are beyond ethnicity or collectively shared tastes, styles or outlook. He's essentially reminding them that they too are part of a group.

Game 7. Vaguely remember my connection to the avant-garde and remember tonight's meeting of the Absurdist Ladies League of Long Beach meeting. Is there an avant-garde anymore?