Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Meeting of Needs

1. Gather your needs together at the table, prepare the powerpoint.
2. Make introductions, name favorite ice cream. (One of them remembers ice cream, sing that ani difranco song.)
3. At the correct time, unleash the wretched mewling one with the hunched back and crooked face, watch it jump on the table, kick over the water glasses, spill the coffee, scream, pull ties, shake chairs.
4. The one with twinkling eyes reclines and giggles, swishing her skirt.
5. Dreamworks
6. Ask your dream friend, "How does it feel to be one consciousness divided into several bodies?"
7. Record the answer- something about pheromones, body chemistry. Otherwise not unusual. (Continue tagging the walls, ignoring me. You are distracted in death.)
8. Name them all, now. Acknowledge them: conversation, diversion, absurdity, comfort, confusion, engagement, music, connection, love, sex, touch, power, peace, control.
9. Control.
10. The need to be a fish in the sea, a wave in the water
11. Moon on the inside, sun on the outside
12. moon on the streets, sun in the sheets / sun in the streets, moon in the sheets
14. Be the East and the West
15. Trust. If there is just one unifying word, let it glow on the last page of the keynote.
16. The prezi. The blog. The affirmation. The deed.
17. Definiteness of purpose.
18. Clear your mind, and the rest will follow.
19. Yes I heard you say that cliche again, now they are all my friends. The shadows and the shut ups.
20. "It's the Journey not the Destination." Say that to yourself five times upon arriving at the destination. Test it out. Is it? Do you feel it?

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Quick Fix for Bleeding Hearts and Nightmares

1. There is no quick fix
2. Buckle up
3. Make peace
4. Write the origin story, make sure it all makes sense
5. Wrap it up and put a bow on it, and maybe open it up, or shake it, because we don't really know what's in there anymore, and it might be good. 
6. Play the invisible violin
7. Consult two different psychics. (Choose Candy, not Marv. Marv's voice is so gruff.) 
8. Queen of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds 
9. Integrity
10. You will put lots of gaff tape on this, and ask where the reset button is, and you will gaze into black velvet, and sit on the splintery bench, and you will look and wonder and you will squeeze each other very tightly and see exactly the shape of this, and you will let it be what it is, exactly as it is.
11. Refer to Item #1

Friday, February 3, 2017

Alternate Ways to Consummate Our Love

1. Tighter, painful, electric hugs
2. Kisses to the left of the lips
3. Standard penetrating gazes
4. Wine bellies
5. Criminal activity
6. Cross the wires
7. Draw a blue sky together with one crayon, press it sideways firmly with our thumbs
8. Flirt with the same bartender
9. Look at medieval erotica and whisper names of soul mates while tracing outlines with fingers
10. Dream of mud, dream of horses
11. Conference call with ghosts
12. Remember God
13. Summon the golem
14. Wake up with the largest heart you've ever had, expanding in Rilke's concentric circles
15. Float away, meet in Jupiter

Friday, April 8, 2016

Invisible Fleas and A Shallow-Breathed Tight-Chested Prayer

1. Sing that whole lyric sing it out round with all its fatty tissues, like a house falling into the sea
2. Let the sickness pass
3. Yell to the sky and ask its forgiveness and make it a promise, ask it to simultaneously be the wall and break the wall
4. Notice the yellow flowers
5. Watch moments of 2016 so far and hear little cells awaken like yellow flowers to say we are living all of this, and this is something real now, don't forget this
6. Wonder to what extent I am cheating if I am on medication
7. How can you break the chains when you are part of the chains
8. Move without the mind moving too, the mind is flying in an old Forbes private jet, the mind is hovering between clouds.
9. You were in my dream last night, I want to call you and tell you and invite you back to stay
10. At the coffee shop read Sontag and think of the naive idea of originality, rject voices, but every voice creeps back in its way
11. Test your skin for its elasticity and wonder why you hurt this body so much
12. Thin wall, thick skin
13. Ride a wave of inspiration, but not too far
14. Think of the tsunami, think of the frazzle-haired woman at the convenience store, think of all of this muddled pain and the article of the realness and sometimes we can stand together in our realness and sometimes you are on a pedestal or in a raincloud and I wonder when I will truly meet you

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blood and Beets #Nohashtag

1. Tell the story of Little Eight John, but not in dialect
2. Know your limbs are filled with electric stiffness that makes you less human, and everybody knows you are a robot.
3. Get tired, get fast
4. When you look at another corner of the room the light and shadow changes entirely. Perspective.
5. Are you one of the elite few whose immense beauty cannot be captured on the screen?
6. Look up the various spellings of your last name, involving the town of Parketin.
7. I am hearing all of your words melt into my cells but not my ears. You are turning my heart compost, every day.
8. I told you yesterday that there would be words and directions coming soon, from Lord Above from Sky God from Great Mystery, soon they would appear at my fingertips and show me exactly what to do.
9. Consulting every Ouija board
10. When I hear you telling the truth to somebody else, and it is not the same truth you tell me.
11. That's why nobody likes you
12. Watching caterpillars writhing on the floor
13. Your brain and its microbes
14. Memes are memories are games, #tbt #thatfeel #thatmemory #thatghost #alanrickman #davidbowie
15. I want to receive my award for not caring passionately about the deaths of these beautiful people, they were never real people to me, I don't get it. They are beautiful, but they were not my friends. They were symbols and stories and legends and myths and I didn't know them and everything I know about them still exists. I don't relate to the experience of feeling disproportionately, famously sad about famous deaths.
16. What about the children?
17. Antidepressants still, mourning with a smile
18. House of fire, molasses, smoke, clay, wood, matted fur
19. Orange peels and coffee grounds and cats in the front yard
20. Your belly is more orange and cloudy than ever
21. This is home, still.
22. 2016 more moments.
23. Try to write critically, and come back to snippets pulses poetry hashtags
24. Fortress
25. Thoughts of the escape during the walk, the wrench in the routine, the 7 mile jog the long distance swim with whales the unexpected derive the poem that spilled accidentally out of your guts the phone call the dream of packing all of the belongings, mismatched rusty earrings, ornaments, and heirlooms. I am always leaving tomorrow at 4pm and there is no way to carry all of my belongings from here today.
26. It is a shadowy sterile place where the eyes are watching us and asking why didn't you stay here in this safe place where you would receive all of somebody else's treasures?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Black Bugs, Owl-Eyed Feathers, Honesty

1. Choose whether you would have others make you bitter, or make you better
2. Slow dance stories
3. Cross your arms and tell me about the sexy things you wrote as an adolescent
4. Continue to believe life has given you nothing but dust-covered brains, that streets are empty and skies are grey and there is nothing but unraveling gibberish and echoes, or open the little door of your little house and let a sandworm or a mountain destroy everything you have come to believe is true
5. Mysterious lemons appear in the kitchen
6. List Your True Loves: An armadillo-admirer, A salt-eater, A German Elf, Owen, A Cult Leader, Larry David Lynch, A pilot, Anybody
7. Feel your sore throat, gargle salt water
8. Say no
9. Make a Miso Reduction
10. Squares and purpose
11. If I was not afraid, how long would this list be, and where would it find me
12. Body Disassociation

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Secret Gifts for Precious Friends by Johannes de Silentio

1. Just remember when everything was easy, and remember that moment is right now, before any explosions and before any gunshots, just the sounds of wind chimes, hold them in your ears
2. Remember when your sentences were not held together by nerves
3. Remember when (hashtag) when thoughts were more than just glimpses of thoughts and just echoes and twitches
4. I just sit and twitch and you attach the machine to me and my legs muscles are not walking but they are dreaming of walking, matrix machine
5. Trip up and down the stairs and upside-down like Maya Deren stunted stilted softly so that you are appearing hovering above every ghost room blowing breezes through windows
6. Remember the dream you have about somebody, when you predicted they would you would we would become distant, when you looked through Grandpa's submarine and found old letters and old friendships and you know he is alive and dead in this space
7. Once there was a time and once there was not a time
8. Keep the little doll in your pocket named Vasalisa and just let that bitch do whatever Baba Yaga asks of you
9. Dream of the Knight of Faith, what his face looks like as he stares at rats who scurry and at sixteen-year old girls
10. Your fingers' little beaming lights
11. I was real at certain specific times; during our long walks, when I held dream hands on green hills, when you looked me in the eye in the dark cafe with beaming eyes and said this is the right time, when we lay in the hammock little girls looking at the moon, when we slid sideways down the deck, when i kissed you and made your hat fall off on the street, when we walked on train tracks to your far-off 3 am house, when we laughed in the park and fear was gone, when we took pictures at the playground, when i gave you a chance to play that part and you left beaming full of pride, whenever your sweet voice drifts back to me, when you told me about racing down the stones in the river, when we had coffee and you explained aboriginals. i was real at those times.
12. suddenly every you is you, and that was never clearer than in my love poem, and i am kind of bursting at the seams, i know this to be true, but now i know this to be true, and remember how much i know this to be true, so i can write a love poem to a chair and to a dog and to a worst enemy and you will meet me there