Saturday, September 27, 2014

Secret Gifts for Precious Friends by Johannes de Silentio

1. Just remember when everything was easy, and remember that moment is right now, before any explosions and before any gunshots, just the sounds of wind chimes, hold them in your ears
2. Remember when your sentences were not held together by nerves
3. Remember when (hashtag) when thoughts were more than just glimpses of thoughts and just echoes and twitches
4. I just sit and twitch and you attach the machine to me and my legs muscles are not walking but they are dreaming of walking, matrix machine
5. Trip up and down the stairs and upside-down like Maya Deren stunted stilted softly so that you are appearing hovering above every ghost room blowing breezes through windows
6. Remember the dream you have about somebody, when you predicted they would you would we would become distant, when you looked through Grandpa's submarine and found old letters and old friendships and you know he is alive and dead in this space
7. Once there was a time and once there was not a time
8. Keep the little doll in your pocket named Vasalisa and just let that bitch do whatever Baba Yaga asks of you
9. Dream of the Knight of Faith, what his face looks like as he stares at rats who scurry and at sixteen-year old girls
10. Your fingers' little beaming lights
11. I was real at certain specific times; during our long walks, when I held dream hands on green hills, when you looked me in the eye in the dark cafe with beaming eyes and said this is the right time, when we lay in the hammock little girls looking at the moon, when we slid sideways down the deck, when i kissed you and made your hat fall off on the street, when we walked on train tracks to your far-off 3 am house, when we laughed in the park and fear was gone, when we took pictures at the playground, when i gave you a chance to play that part and you left beaming full of pride, whenever your sweet voice drifts back to me, when you told me about racing down the stones in the river, when we had coffee and you explained aboriginals. i was real at those times.
12. suddenly every you is you, and that was never clearer than in my love poem, and i am kind of bursting at the seams, i know this to be true, but now i know this to be true, and remember how much i know this to be true, so i can write a love poem to a chair and to a dog and to a worst enemy and you will meet me there