Monday, July 11, 2011

I Want to Be A Performance Art Tour Guide

poem in praise of speed levitch.

the pursuit of individuality
even if it is a myth
is the beautiful journey
noticing and assimilating details
a tiny knife of opinionlessness punctures all of the vulnerable loves in my heart,
the you-are-interested-in-so-many-things,
pancake person butter of choice
butter and syrup of choice
I chose to be a composer this year
A musician
Because that has chosen me, in some ways
And watching THE CRUISE
That beauty
Performance art tour guide
This was a dream of mine long ago
Ever since I saw magical mystery tour
So add another to my lists
All related
All cracking open mystic words
About civilization and
Old worlds
Chassidic dance, praise god on the street
In your rainbow colors
For peace
Post-granola girl
Breathing here
Flea-bitten summertime night
The late birds on branches
I want to lie in a plaza
Gaze at terra cotta buildings
Tell you why it is like those begging moments
And to reveal my deep love of life
Tell you parables
Stories about
Baal shem tov
To give you a FEELING
The gift of a feeling
Those things I am interested in
Are those things that were me before I knew I was me
The bondage of self
Keeps me from noticing the world
And away from addictions
That world expands and I notice details
And I can become flowers, appreciate flowers, and like an exhibitionist
Behold me flower!
Appreciate me
I am all curls and quirk
Through those swinging saloon doors
In the ghost town of my purest soul
Time traveler
Take the back to the future three (BEST ONE)
Train back to then
And allow no walls
Only swinging saloon doors
Lively Chassidic saloon jews
Wild jews
Dancing here
Where there is no failure
Only laughter at every failing
And laughter is success