Friday, April 19, 2013

Heartbeats Honesty Irony

1. Listen to how fast your poor heart beats, too fast, struggling to move blood through this entire body expanding in a universe of fat, underneath there is nothing but fancy sadness.
2. I'd like to be honest ...this isn't working out. I don't know you.
3. Today I was happiest when you told me the story of how you took care of your deaf dumb and blind brother and he died January 17 and I feel this is real love and when I said I was a musical director your eyes lit up and you said God is here and God is working in mysterious ways and so forth. And you said things that I didn't dare say but was blessed with and you're a gift.
4. Watching Crossroads and thinking of all of those lost buried boxes.
5. I have a vice and it is All-American.
6. Tomorrow it's Raw Foods.