Monday, December 26, 2011

Things to Consider When Lost and Listless

(and far from home)

1. Restore essence via pure things, dogs and babies, in which your place in the power scheme is always clear (except when it isn't, and you can't make anything do what you want unless you give it a treat)
2. Contemplate the koi in the koi pond.
3. Contemplate the lanai keeping out the summer bugs in wintertime.
4. Smile at Republicans.
5. You took down your Christmas lights so quickly
6. Baby eats a rum ball
7. Sleep next to dog taking deep German Shepherd breaths. I forgot your name, baby.
8. Sign up for Twitter.
9. Read things on the internet and get unclear.
10. Hope you can squeeze poetic pulp out of this California-cum-Florida orangepuff brain.
11. I want to swim with Manatees
12. Consider what they will think of you.
13. Shy mouth, small mouth, downcast eyes, I'm a princess.
14. My Mom was me, and I am her.
15. Read the beginning of everything, and hope for a silence that will carry me through to the end of Something Important. That is why theatre is important. It is self contained. You can't stop it like a movie. You are there. It is complete. It is important. It is experience. It is whole. No text to skim, no chapters to skip through. It is experience. It is pure. It is simple, in its complexity and intelligence, even in the aftermoments, it is the experience.