Monday, February 23, 2015

Black Bugs, Owl-Eyed Feathers, Honesty

1. Choose whether you would have others make you bitter, or make you better
2. Slow dance stories
3. Cross your arms and tell me about the sexy things you wrote as an adolescent
4. Continue to believe life has given you nothing but dust-covered brains, that streets are empty and skies are grey and there is nothing but unraveling gibberish and echoes, or open the little door of your little house and let a sandworm or a mountain destroy everything you have come to believe is true
5. Mysterious lemons appear in the kitchen
6. List Your True Loves: An armadillo-admirer, A salt-eater, A German Elf, Owen, A Cult Leader, Larry David Lynch, A pilot, Anybody
7. Feel your sore throat, gargle salt water
8. Say no
9. Make a Miso Reduction
10. Squares and purpose
11. If I was not afraid, how long would this list be, and where would it find me
12. Body Disassociation