Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Big Silent Sun

1. Row your boat quietly on the Lakes.
2. Gaze at the shiniest star.
3. Stay hypnotized or find the other consciousness in the other hemisphere.
4. You are a Planet, I happily suffocate in your swirling gaseous clouds.
5. Little gnat brain, buzzing quickly.
6. Feel your fingers traveling.
7. Remember the dream of the hotel and the elevator. You are always there.
8. Feel the warmth behind you. It might be a fire.
9. Apocalyptic images from the Napa Valley Fire.
10. Neighborhood before and after.
11. My neighborhood now is a blank slate.
12. Makes plans like making wishes on trick candles.
13. Trick cake.
14. Behind you a big silent sun is filling up the sky.
15. You don't see it, and you shouldn't look at it, but feel it.
16. Staring at the moon instead.
17. Whichever one you are.
18. I still feel you radiating.
19. There is another kind of entity here.
20. You can tell yourself whatever you want, but the sun is rising.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Gorilla Joke

1. Find out what the doctor would say to the gorilla who forgot how to gorilla. Make it a knock-knock joke that is more than a knock-knock joke.
2. Recall the wet dream. Was it a dream or a meme? Wet meme, wet dream.
3. Imagine the room that is covered mysteriously with more and more dust. Incredible amounts of dust.
4. Imagine the texts you would send to him, if you had less dignity.
5. Ask a first grader, "What is dignity?" and find out what bullying is.
6. Cancel everything.
7. Watch your neighbor fix his car, wonder if you should break the ice from up in the sky.
8. I think of you all of the time, and thank god I do.
9. I am ready for the light.
10. Draw this on your palm: "I am ready for the light." Draw it in a sun.
11. It could be worse.
12. So far so good. On a good day.
13. Your short hair, your sweet face, your glasses, your book, your chair.
14. Imagine the yellow wingback chair. The leather one made out of cows.
15. The smell of the spice factory. Turmeric in the streets.
16. Spilling cinnamon
17. Recycle or trash?
18. Houston we have a problem.
19. According to my sources, and my ignorance, everyone is fine and everything is ok.
20. We laugh a lot, on clouds. We get older and our clouds keep laughing.
21. I'm still in love with you.
22. I want to see you dance again.
23. 'Cause I'm still in love with you.
24. On this Harvest Moon
25. Miss you Josh
26. Miss you Alex
27. Miss you Grandma
28. Miss you Grandpa
29. Miss you, You
30. Miss you, Gorilla

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Arguments Between Self and Skyline

1. Lean over, create that list of what you can shout into sublime spaces such as ocean or cavern or skyline; "The frog is staying!" or "Do you love me?" or "Take me, moon."
2. When you lean deep into that self chasm, listen to echoes of the voice that says "How do I love you?"
3. There must have been a moment today in between sweaty pores where there was light.
4. You are everywhere, and completely silent.
5. Social media is killing me.
6. Tonglen, Breathe in pain and breathe out goodness.
7. Lights flickering on and off, haunted old building
8. Tell yourself that nothing has meaning, write that down until it means something
9. I want to love myself again.
10. I am all out of love, but not out of lists.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Meeting of Needs

1. Gather your needs together at the table, prepare the powerpoint.
2. Make introductions, name favorite ice cream. (One of them remembers ice cream, sing that ani difranco song.)
3. At the correct time, unleash the wretched mewling one with the hunched back and crooked face, watch it jump on the table, kick over the water glasses, spill the coffee, scream, pull ties, shake chairs.
4. The one with twinkling eyes reclines and giggles, swishing her skirt.
5. Dreamworks
6. Ask your dream friend, "How does it feel to be one consciousness divided into several bodies?"
7. Record the answer- something about pheromones, body chemistry. Otherwise not unusual. (Continue tagging the walls, ignoring me. You are distracted in death.)
8. Name them all, now. Acknowledge them: conversation, diversion, absurdity, comfort, confusion, engagement, music, connection, love, sex, touch, power, peace, control.
9. Control.
10. The need to be a fish in the sea, a wave in the water
11. Moon on the inside, sun on the outside
12. moon on the streets, sun in the sheets / sun in the streets, moon in the sheets
14. Be the East and the West
15. Trust. If there is just one unifying word, let it glow on the last page of the keynote.
16. The prezi. The blog. The affirmation. The deed.
17. Definiteness of purpose.
18. Clear your mind, and the rest will follow.
19. Yes I heard you say that cliche again, now they are all my friends. The shadows and the shut ups.
20. "It's the Journey not the Destination." Say that to yourself five times upon arriving at the destination. Test it out. Is it? Do you feel it?

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Quick Fix for Bleeding Hearts and Nightmares

1. There is no quick fix
2. Buckle up
3. Make peace
4. Write the origin story, make sure it all makes sense
5. Wrap it up and put a bow on it, and maybe open it up, or shake it, because we don't really know what's in there anymore, and it might be good. 
6. Play the invisible violin
7. Consult two different psychics. (Choose Candy, not Marv. Marv's voice is so gruff.) 
8. Queen of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds 
9. Integrity
10. You will put lots of gaff tape on this, and ask where the reset button is, and you will gaze into black velvet, and sit on the splintery bench, and you will look and wonder and you will squeeze each other very tightly and see exactly the shape of this, and you will let it be what it is, exactly as it is.
11. Refer to Item #1

Friday, February 3, 2017

Alternate Ways to Consummate Our Love

1. Tighter, painful, electric hugs
2. Kisses to the left of the lips
3. Standard penetrating gazes
4. Wine bellies
5. Criminal activity
6. Cross the wires
7. Draw a blue sky together with one crayon, press it sideways firmly with our thumbs
8. Flirt with the same bartender
9. Look at medieval erotica and whisper names of soul mates while tracing outlines with fingers
10. Dream of mud, dream of horses
11. Conference call with ghosts
12. Remember God
13. Summon the golem
14. Wake up with the largest heart you've ever had, expanding in Rilke's concentric circles
15. Float away, meet in Jupiter