Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tonight I Actually Glimpsed a Glimpse

Considering my Addiction to A Diction...

1. Misquote? Ego.
2. Everything I say is a bunch of stupid stuff.
3. Choose your choiciest words, stay safe, stay politically correct.
4. "Music retard."
5. Anais Nin's diary.
6. A bright light from where lights go on and off at different times.
7. Please please me, Oh Yeah, Like I please you
8. Personal meditative ritual sacred profane theatre
9. Nightmare/Dreamscape of 2 day trips and tidal waves
10. With arms wide open
11. The pain did not kill me, it made me stronger.
12. (Your turn.) The game of cliches, back and forth.
13. Woody Allen Love and Death Menu of Kisses

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