Friday, April 8, 2016

Invisible Fleas and A Shallow-Breathed Tight-Chested Prayer

1. Sing that whole lyric sing it out round with all its fatty tissues, like a house falling into the sea
2. Let the sickness pass
3. Yell to the sky and ask its forgiveness and make it a promise, ask it to simultaneously be the wall and break the wall
4. Notice the yellow flowers
5. Watch moments of 2016 so far and hear little cells awaken like yellow flowers to say we are living all of this, and this is something real now, don't forget this
6. Wonder to what extent I am cheating if I am on medication
7. How can you break the chains when you are part of the chains
8. Move without the mind moving too, the mind is flying in an old Forbes private jet, the mind is hovering between clouds.
9. You were in my dream last night, I want to call you and tell you and invite you back to stay
10. At the coffee shop read Sontag and think of the naive idea of originality, rject voices, but every voice creeps back in its way
11. Test your skin for its elasticity and wonder why you hurt this body so much
12. Thin wall, thick skin
13. Ride a wave of inspiration, but not too far
14. Think of the tsunami, think of the frazzle-haired woman at the convenience store, think of all of this muddled pain and the article of the realness and sometimes we can stand together in our realness and sometimes you are on a pedestal or in a raincloud and I wonder when I will truly meet you

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