Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Game of Reverse-Reduced Personhood, Played in San Francisco

1. Read You Are Not a Gadget by Lanier
2. Game of actually playing some of these games, as in thinking speaking constructing arguments and then again, writing poems.
3. Get your obnoxiousness AND idiocy caught on tape.
4. Hey, How's Libya?
5. BIG HAIR. Self-consciousness... Analyze What Is Ultimately You Either Got it Or Don't and then forget it, it ain't reality.
6. Mantra: My words aren't my fault, they're the best I got.

I'm reading You Are Not a Gadget for LOLPERA purposes. The reach of the digital revolution, flattened database identity, the misdirected and (whoops?) Maoistness of digital media and "open culture." One of the things Lanier suggests to counteract the deterioration of personhood is to write a blog that's not a fragment, that conveys/creates/constructs/communicates a personal perspective. But then I think in poetry, that's a pure and honest Hobservation of what life is. It is streaming, it is flowing soft thinking, not argument thinking, but nobody can "argue" on that creative wavelength or say NO that is not your experience, it is not divisive, but it is also not the illusion of one hive mind Wikitruth, it is very VERY truly my own perspective, my own memories, my own consciousness. So that's where I'll start to expand outside of DumbBook.

These are still fragments, but they are fragments from moments, real moments, real experience. I'm moving towards becoming a thinking being, not tangled up in sillies and fear and self-consciousness. Though isn't self-consciousness interesting? I love it. Circles of empathy. I'm growing up.

Observations of Orgelwerkentine in San Francisco

Third (wave. world. order.)
coffee over a long black granite table
you and your partner, and you and your partner, and your and your partner.

you sweetheart
you sweetness
offering us whispers of coffee and tea
your lover sleeping
on the mezzanine
overlooking the roof where dogs are champions of potential (weeping) open urban roof top spaces.
someday open. (potentially. weeping.)

You and your small-walking city-eyed twinkle
the city is dirty the city is clean the city is romance the city is mean

coffee words
walk in faster zoo strides.
the city is lonely.
the city is sweet.

Don't Worry, You Look Real Nice.

Holocaust Reparation Cafe. Curly. Many journal voices. Empathy- more loops, bigger soul.


In waves of trying/not trying to ride your wavelength
Nasal sniffle eating sounds I make too
Quickly stronger breathe shallow breaths fog up windows to see no skyline
(superior breath)
take off belt
(superior belt)
2 laptops young professional
(inferior speed of shoe removal at airport sneaker vs boot)
inferior superior
help me food change
hipsters with all credit and no change.

ADVERTISING- all that's left.

and by the way, how's libya?

i don't feel guilty about working through the things that made me selfish, i only feel hope in becoming a person who cares and experiences, and creates experiences to create thinkers. starting with me.

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