Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recipe for The City and Life in The City

1. I like myself in The City, I like The City in myself.
2. Be Part of the Real Hive, not just the Hive Mind. Go to places smells go to schizophrenics at the L train, go to cold air graffiti bus stops coats and scarves.
3. Home in the City
4. Carrot Cardamom Soup in the City
5. This is what I've looked for in theatre, what the neo-futurists gave me tonight. 30 games, connections, experiences with the audience. Invitations for honest playful interaction, to play to love to think feel breathe honesty, more honest and yet not so honest.
5. Cold in the City
6. Mud Tubes Sexy Alabama Bog at Museum of Contemporary Art
7. useless capitalizing and uncapitalizing
8. Love a friend, room to think and breathe and push, this is where you belong and where you are pushed.
9. Sinking in, castles bricks below-level bedrooms, o's for lips like mud fish koi people, all this is superfluous, is honesty
10. Get to the Point, the little black tattoo. Behind my neck.

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