Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Actually Saw a Glimpse

I actually saw a ghost and a glimpse
of the things I'd do for you because I love you
But I mean really love you, not a gazing and starry-eyes, not a moon and a wish and a wish and a wash
no Pines
(and no christmas/yes christmas!)

it looked like a long text (not a message, a text. TEXTUALITY, intertextuality)
it looked like coffee shop conversation, a glow, and a Real Word with you
a Real Word
it looked like a word, something you care about, nothing empty
just eyes, no opinions

like Mother
said the ghost

the giver, the giver.
the curl-up-in-baby's-blood, we both curl up in each other's blood, in each other's baby's blood
our imaginary friends,
all of the things we'll do for each other
for ourselves

tonight i saw a glimpse
of letting go of myths
again and again myths

myths of passion of city of pining of places
and especially of Truth

so much waiting for Truth
the truth to take me off the goat farm, adam pearlman
so much for waiting for the Truth
nice boy from the goat farm

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