Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alliteration and Time Experiments

Game 1. Improv games in real life. Start with rewind. At any moment in everyday life, shout "REWIND!" and you and your fellow life livers must reenact the previous moment exactly. Requires observation and listening skills. Also may extend this to include half-life.

Game 2. FIRST CHOICE! in real life. Make others say something other than what they said.

Game 3. Drink and connect the dots. People you thought you knew become connected.

Game 4. Act again! In a play! Feel a tear well in your eye and feel like a real actress again. Being an actress is only a matter of connecting to your humanity. So there... I've just connected to my humanity again.

Game 5. Tennis. The game is- to grunt in success for every failure. Make a team name (TEAM WOLF, Aoooo, or Team Fro Lion, ROAR...) and make memories to last a life time.

Game 6. Kiss cheeks of strangers.

Game 7. Wear a new dress. Give a piano lesson.

Game 8. Sit with Sal in the diamond lights on Cherry street contemplating heightened reality making reality reals vs mundane. Pataphysics or metaphysics? Alfred Jarry anybody?

Game 9. Whisper SUPERMALE to yourself at the coffee shop, feel your legs stick together, love the thick zipper, love the thick sky.

Game 10. Remember waking up, after a night of compiling a playlist of best songs of ever. Yes this is me.

Game 11. Put product in your hair and complain.

Game 12. Crush confessions. (My heart beats loud for you.)

Game 13. Listen to a much respected woman's harrowing escapes and horrifying stories, and pinch yourself. Know it could be you at any moment- your head smashed by a bottle unsuspectedly after parallel parking. BE CAREFUL!

Game 14. Be extra careful.

Game 15. Wonder what you did to deserve the best summer of all time. Love every minute, suck it in, reflect, love it, hold it to your bosom. BOOM BOOM bonfires in your body, every moment something new and old, life goes by and allows you to be so many people, and contain so many realities, it blows my fucking mind.

Game 16. Oh yes, and always flirt. Playful. You can say "If it helps your concept of reality, so be it."

Game 17. Shoe beer.

Game 18. Smash the cigarette, I repeat myself.

Game 19. Careful creatures, curiously coping consciously condoning creation

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