Monday, August 17, 2009

A morning ritual

Game 1. Wake up with fiery vague ambition, write a few sentences about it, with the promise of something more, which may or may not be fulfilled.

Game 2. Read a story and cry.

Game 3. Start a new project- to read all of the nobel laureates in literature. Starting with Singer. Write about your experiences. Tears are one thing, thoughts are another. Left foot is will, right foot is reason.

Game 4. Consider writing a different kind of blog, rather than a journal-masquerading as games, life as a series of tasks and games and tricks, just reviews. Simply. Done.

Game 5. Make a list of morning rituals. At least 10. Try for 10 weeks, each ritual, and decide which morning ritual creates a better life. Thus far the summer's morning ritual- wake up, stretch, talk to Faust, smile, flutter eyelids, float, stretch some more, admire the moles on my arms, recount dreams, pray to the Powerful Goodness, sneeze, cheerios, internet.

Game 6. Write at least 3 pages of the nonsense in your head. Release!

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