Monday, August 3, 2009

Kid Yourself

These games are tricks to play on yourself.

1. Kid yourself. Even when you've been wisely warned by a best friend, "Don't waste your time." This means go ahead and send spontaneous text messages to a very foolish but right-textured gentleman when you said you definitely wouldn't.

2. Kid yourself. Embarrassing interaction with somebody who may or may not be real. Le sigh.

And ...

3. Love yourself whilst kidding yourself, realizing you will have to give up this nonsense tomorrow and get honest.

4. Send a lovely woman on a sober scavenger hunt for her "hen party."

5. Go to that special spiritual musical realm and remember where it takes you... and why you go there. Haunting dream memories return, walking on a water bridge, sitting with coffee overlooking foggy cliffs, seals at the beach, everything in one swift heartbeat, swirling in tones, multitudes of moments, in one.

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