Friday, September 21, 2012

Fireball, Rain, Blood, Intervals. Dream song.

1. Wake up completely at 6:00AM.
2. Begin writing. Today's intention- to make everyone around me feel beautiful, hilarious, intelligent.
3. Read manifestos and laugh. Enjoy the possibility of a lively reading of all of these manifestos combined into one performance.
 4. Talk too much.
 5. Go on a run; expand.
6. Write messages to everybody.
7. Listen to the powerful rain on the warehouse roof. Play a song to it. D minor.
8. Music camp with Mat. Solfege/Australian Solfege and Lovely Day. Free Time.
9. God Bless the Child. Receive email from a beloved friend's mother telling her to keep this secret.
10. Long coffee talks at Jellystone Cafe and delicious meusli
11. Discussions of Honest Interaction, Wrapture and the Right Cheesus
12. Putter Around. Covet your neighbor's ox. Devil and angel. 10 Commandment improv.
13. Girl's night, Man meeting
14. Realize what you love in your life, and what is true.

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