Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free Time & Theological Giggles

1. Call a bedridden best friend and laugh and don't ever forget to say I love you.
2. Call everyone out to do yoga. Be still.
3. Get dressed. Go for a walk with a friend, talk about Free Time and Third World Countries, and how there is plenty of free time everywhere, there is a time and a place for staring into space.
4. Take on the challenge of complete silence or parallel book reading with a friend.
5. Meet people and dogs in parks. Admire attractive lesbians playing croquet.
6. Disregard your intuition, go in for aggressive and shy hugs with the pirate people.
7. In conversation, think carefully before replying. Newfound appreciation for Long Walk Think Time.
8. Ask a stranger, Who Am I To You?
9. Drink the most bitter espresso, eat expensive meusli, buy 4.00 fruit.
10. Return home and pore through the pages of St. Anthony, laugh about Jesus' non-omnipotence as a team.
11. Try hummus in a can. It tastes how you would suspect.
12. Practice Chopin Ballade 1, extemporize.
13. Type away the day's list.
14. You're my 12:17.

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