Thursday, September 20, 2012

Return to Melbourne: Day One

1. Write a list of alternate titles to Day One: Million-Dollar Horse Massacre, Languages of Robot Future, Bojangles Ballade 1, Ravel and the Name of the Missing Composer, Shy Artist, Problems of Nobility, Notes on Magical Regression/Repression, Tiger Toast
2. Read Mark Twain's "A Tramp Abroad" to get an idea of how one writes humorous travel anecdotes. 3. Get ranked, be an ellen among ellens, a self among selves
4. Do yoga
5. Hesitate before that perfect flat white
6. Remember everything is right here all the time.
7. Do not be afraid or rushed, too slow or fast, everything with a gracious smile
8. Spew the feelings words, a love letter, as follows: Melbourne I tried to remember exactly what I did last time as I stepped out of the airplane, where I went and what I felt, and all of the raw smells. This will not be that, this will be this. And a little sadness at what is this and not that, holding fast to belief in goodness. But do not apply any pressure, let it unfold, let me love. And where there is no fear (seabirds where the fear once grew) there is a new confidence, an excitement, anticipation, pacing around a cold warehouse, delicious apple, train sounds, catching up with my 12-day-as-month ex-boyfriend, trouble in mind, schwalessness, peace and piercing
9. be tense and puttering and sleepy
10. remember today's inspiration M.E. You and your laugh
11. Laugh and laugh and laugh

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