Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 8-Day Design

1. Life reframed as games I played with myself, day in and day out. The game of the scene, the game of the moment: what is the fun here, the lesson, the anecdote, the rule of the moment that you are playing by? What do you remember from your past 8 days, in 8 memories?
2. Sometimes I don't want to play a game, and I don't want to find the rule, I'd rather it found me.
3. A poem with numbers is a list, a list with numbers is a poem
4. "There is no truth without god, there is no god without truth," -Wankertin Bruce; an alias I used earlier in my career (ie, pre-thirties)
5. Imagine again, Dream #4256: The Malkovich game. Write a list of very specific things you would do during our day, a recipe for a typical day-in-the-life, including thoughts only you would have. Put them in a hat and exchange. Live exactly, moment by moment, the life of the other player(s). Recount how everything has changed. (Exchanges with loved ones, with strangers. Live as a hermit, a debutante. Work in a suit, sit naked on a pier, experience varying degrees of ease and dis-ease)
6. Contemplate my trembling rabbit imagination, hopping free through green Gertrude Stein dada hills and being tucked away in magician's hats until pulled out by the ears.
7. Think in images, think linear
8. Contemplate yoga for self-defense.
9. Meet the neighborhood kitten!
10. 90 minute morning yoga- burn away what you don't need
11. Talk to parents, see your face in theirs
12. Create your story blog, your art blog, your simple blog (where?), your ambition blog, your marionette blog, your sexygirlseatingpancakes blog, feastyoureyes
13. Keep reading! Marionettes!
14. Breakthroughs, lights, knowledge, glowing apple.
15. See a Melbourne Fringe Show- go over the Genesis family tree. Patriarchy, melodrama, sexy angry Yahweh. 

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