Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lightbulb Game

1. Routine: Sing The Thrilling Morning Song as The Mayor of Morning Town
2. Warehousisms: Kissed by a Rose, Dreidel, Upon Your Lips "you're my/my dick"
3. Play dead, watch friends play dead, resurrect on third day like Simon, but don't wait three days.
4. Who is the Mayor of Evening Town?
5. Confession Booth Bathroom
6. Sit and drink coffee and type the show's theses.
7. Create aphorisms/warkentinisms/imagined truths/stolen ideas: "Truth is, essentially a creative act" and "the point is... have a resilient imagination, you'll need it... to imagine there is a truth.
8. Imagine a world in which this is true.
9. John Malkovitch Game. Some day.
10. Coffee, soup, bread. Hot yoga.
11. Cold yoga.
12. Inspiration.
13. Dream of the play.
14. Cut and paste literary love letters, rather than attempt to write your own. It's po-mo-ro-mo.
15. Imagine the movies you will see.
16. Have your cake and eat it too!
17. Know that all of this is primal behavior disguised as civilization. Compare yourself to the magpie in the tree, who is probably not thinking how he will be better on another day, when he is a better bird.
18. Finally begin your ahhhrt blog. Satisfaction.

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