Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Memory Game

1. Stare and observe, step out of predator/prey, notice something new.
2. Wildness. Express. Absorb.
3. Wander and wander, through graveyards and bat-covered trees.
4. Decide if you perceive consolation or threats in saintly text.
5. Heart-to-hearts, graffiti hop-skotch in alma park, glitter snail fire pole.
6. Symbolic meaning in everything, challenge of erasing
7. Memory game. Have an experience with another person and write down what you remember. Top 10 things.
8. Collective dreaming?
9. Imagine who you would be with no limitations
10. List your heroes: Anais Nin, Jans Svankmeyer, Bjork, Dali, David Lynch, Stephin Merritt

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