Friday, November 9, 2012


1. Consider writing A list of Titles of lists to best capture this morning list-making experience
2. View friends' blog about people-as-lists. (I am this music, these places, these people, these books, these ideas.) Beautiful portraits capturing form and essence. (But still makes me anxious. or listless? I thought they were synonyms. Turns out they are definitely not.)
3. "Listin'" to Your Heart
4. Write a list of all of the tiny, impractical, wild, beautiful goals and dreams and projects (dress-making, gardening, homemade cider, humanitarian aid, peace corps, articulate blogs, etc)
5. Find out how much time Mind Judge Judy actually spends in session. Every time she makes a comment on somebody else, I identify her. 
6. Read about Doctors Without Borders and then imagine joining the Peace Corps.
7. Decide with fervor, yes, this is where I need to be, away from the enormous mental brain of lists and orgasmic circles disguised as neat little narratives, digging trenches and getting my hands dirty and listening. To be with other humans and hear stories and to shut my little face and do some good old fashioned hard work.
8. Chopin or Liszt?

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