Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Most of the time I am practical and thinking of nothing except how everybody is right. Most of the time I am thinking of the past, the future, and of things sprouting out of my pores and becoming light and sunshine. Most of the time I am thinking of how I can use language to talk forever and ever about nothing. I am impatient when you talk about details. I am impatient when you are talking, and impatient when I am thinking. When are we going to get to The Point? I ask. Get To The Point.

I asked a few friends what they spend their time thinking about. Sometimes it's fantasies about reality. I am not impressed by anything except humor.

1. Draw a picture of your mind. Google a brain picture, print it out, and then separate it into how much time you spend thinking about things.

2. I am confused by my several different selves and my confusion. A few of my selves are passionate about several things, and confused about everything. Passionate about connections, but scared of people, except when we connect over everything except being human. Like music and shit.

3. I am okay, I just need to breathe, apparently.

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