Thursday, June 18, 2009

Resurrecting Old Games

Game 1. Sit at the piano or an instrument you play. Spontaneous songs with major 7 chords cheer me up to no end.

Game 2. Sit at a non-instrument thought to be impossible to play, like a tree. Try to play a non-instrument like an instrument. Tell me how it went via smoke signals.

Game 3. Prank love calls. Call somebody and wish them well. See if any one will accept kindness. Random acts.

Game 4. Find an axe. Write "random axe of kindness" on it and take it upon yourself to chop down things that are problems in this world, like terrorism. Do other heroic things inspired solely by puns.

Game 5. Wear something lacy, masturbate to the fantasy of telling people you are an ascetic non-masturbator.

Game 6. Draw little sidewalk chalk pictures of Christ saying "PSSST FOLLOW ME THIS WAY" and they will lead pedestrians somewhere significant/insignificant of your choosing.

Game 7. Slip psalms like love letters into the hands of strangers.

Game 8. Speak in rhyme all day.

Game 9. Take the genetics book your aunt wrote, cross out some random (or patterned) words, and write profane things in their place.

Game 10. Introduce yourself to two new people. Treat one as your inferior, and one as your superior. Then forget that and switch roles.

Game 11. Continue your blog of life games, continue to ponder existence, grow a Nietzsche moustache and try to seduce women who are afraid of this moustache, embrace a horse, dance naked, pretend you are Napoleon, and excuse your behavior by telling others you are a nihilist with syphilis, or a Sisyphus with syphilis.

Game 12. Forgive yourself for being an upper middle class spoiled nobody who feels life is something to play with. It's not.

Game 13. It is.

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